Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Gladesville, clock

The Sheridan Memorial Clock is located at the intersection of Meriton Street, Wharf Road and Victoria Road, in the lower north shore suburb of Gladesville. The heritage listed monument was designed by J. C. Sutherland and constructed in 1941 in the Inter-War Functionalist architectural style, as a traffic separation device. It was dedicated to Alderman James York Sheridan, who died that year who was described as ‘beloved’ by members of the Council and ‘generally by all classes throughout the Municipality for his kindly manner and his high ideal of citizenship’.


  1. A very impressive clock tower. It was interesting to hear that it was a traffic separator.

  2. interesting clock building. Is a traffic separation like a traffic circle? We have them in South Africa instead of traffic lights.

    1. Jo, the heritage listing mentions that it originally sat on a roundabout but when Victoria Road was widened in the 1970s, the base became a triangular traffic island between the two side streets.

  3. It for sure has character and very sturdy. I like it.

  4. I love city clocks. Most of the little towns in New Zealand have a clock on the main street.

  5. You might be interested to know they have recently developed this area into new apartment blocks and the clock is now wrapped in construction paraphernalia. I have a feeling its days might be numbered... Doesn't look mass produced enough.


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